Problem Connecting through Linksys router

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 07:11:43 +0000

	Heya. Sounds like you're doing everything right. Three
things to try:

1. On your home Win98 box, what error message do you get when
you try to "telnet a.b.c.d 5900" from a DOS command line (where
a.b.c.d is the IP address of the external side of your work's
LinkSys box)? If it fails to connect...does the IP address
respond to ping's?

2. From a machine other than the VNC server at work, what happens
if you point a VNC viewer at the same "external" address?

3. your work using (shiver) PPPoE type DSL? If so,
its IP address may change frequently, and you may need a Dynamic
DNS client at work so that you can connect to it reliably from the

	Good luck! Keep us posted...


> Hi Everyone,
> I've been monitoring this vnc list, and trying all sorts of things,  but
> I still can't seem to get through my Linksys 4 port DSL router.  Using
> VNC, I'm trying to connect my office (Linksys w/ DSL on small LAN) with
> my home (basic dial-up connection).  Both are running Windows 98SE.  I've
> updated the Linksys router firmware to a current version, and have the
> port forwarding on the router set to forward ports 5900 and 5800 to the
> internal address of one of the computers on the Lan.  I've also turned
> off Norton Firewall on the office computer.
> Internally (over the LAN), I have no problem connecting two computers
> using either the VNC viewer or Internet Explorer.  When I try to connect
> (sending to the office WAN address) from home, over the dial-up
> connection, it won't connect.  I've tried using TightVNC, thinking the
> slow dial-up was causing a problem, but it still won't connect.  Telnet
> works internally, but not over the dial-up.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for
> your help.
> Randy
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