VNC viewer Corrupts display

Jesse Waters jesse-waters "at"
Wed, 30 Jan 2002 04:04:08 +0000

Hey vnc-list,

hope someone has a suggestion. I am running vnc viewer on a windows 2000
machine to access my RH7.2 linux box. After using for a while the screen on
the windows box begins to start getting jagged lines running thru the
min,max and title bar of all windows. Some other strange things when in NT
explorer the folder list has dotted lines running thru the tree structure.
Now I can't seem to get this to duplicate from a certain task but appears to
be a random event. (Micr&oft hard at work |-(

info about machine:
p4 1.7
ATI radon VE running in multi-monitor mode
Win2000 with the latest drivers & patches.

TIA for an suggestions,

Jesse Waters
jesse-water "at"
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