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Tue, 29 Jan 2002 09:35:06 +0000

You can not enter negative numbers in the field, the trick is open notepad,
type in the required negetive and copy and paste into the display field.

Next time you open the properties field you will see a very large number you
didn't enter just leave it.  I have tried it and it works.


Shola Ogunlokun

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You know Mike, I was under that impression too. I was sure I had seen 
others recommend taking that path in the past. I was so sure that I had 
even written up a response to that effect.

However just before hitting the "Send" button, I decided to try to enter a 
negative number. At least on the server side, it just beeped at me when I 
tried to enter the minus sign in the Display Number field. I tried it both 
with the most recent versions of WinVNC and TightVNC.

Maybe it works on other platforms but from what I can tell, negative 
numbers using a minus sign isn't a feasible solution on Windows.

                                 Michael Milette
                                 TNG Consulting Inc.


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