Connecting to multiple servers on one network

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 09:24:47 +0000

	Heya. Am working now on enhancing Kaboodle to make what
you're trying to do a lot easier. Version 0.75 can be used to
securely tunnel the connection of one VNC viewer to one VNC server
on the same LAN. Version 0.80 will allow a VNC viewer to connect
to *multiple* VNC servers on a LAN thru a single "VNC gateway"
	So, you'd only need to modify your Netgear box to let
one connection thru, for Kaboodle's VPN connection. After that,
you could tunnel multiple sessions thru it to your Win2k servers.
The dev team here tells me it'll be ready to go by the end of
February. No, really. :)

	I'll keep you (and the list) posted of course. More info
at Hope it proves useful to you!


PS: Regarding your NetGear box, it sounds like you've got
    port 5901 on the outside forwarded to port 5901 on the
    internal box. Does the VNC server on the internal machine
    know that? :) Most NAT'ing firewalls let you send one
    port across the firewall to any other port. So, you could
    map port 80 to port 5900 if you really wanted to. The
    NetGear box *may* be a bit less enthusiastic, and keeps
    the same port number. So try changing your internal
    machine's "display number" and see if that flies. Good

> Hi,
> I have a small network with several machines running Win2000. I am using a
> Netgear router as the front end firewall and I route the ports 5800 and
> 5900 to a specific machine running VNC server.
> However, I have several machines running the VNC server and when I am
> travelling I want to be able to connect to these  machines in my network.
> Not just one of them.
> I had done this once by forwarding ports 5800/5900 to machine A, 5801/5901
> to machine B, etc.  This was on a different router. When I changed to the
> Netgear router, I can't seem to do this any longer. The only one that
> responds is the machine on 5800/5900. No others respond.
> Any ideas/suggestions?
> Thanks
> Nate
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