Sending ALT-TAB (was Re: how do I get VNC to recognize Alt-Tab?)

Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Sat, 26 Jan 2002 00:15:55 +0000

"Frank S. Kim" wrote:

> > I am guessing this is impossible but is there anyway to get my VNC session to
> > recognize when I am doing an Alt-Tab for switching windows.
> I have servers running on both Windows and Linux and clients also running on
> both.  No combination seems to recognize Alt-Tab unless I am mistaken.

Erm, correct! (trying it here). Sending ALT-TAB would be useful,
IMHO - anybody got a preference on how to implement? SHIFT-ALT-TAB
on NT is a 'backward' ALT-TAB - ie switches to other processes in
reverse order of last-use. Not very useful, but it precludes using
the SHIFT-ALT-TAB to send ALT-TAB. Any offers on what to use?

With the VNCserver on linux, of course, you can change the
window-switching key combination from ALT-TAB to something else.
It's a function of the desktop manager (gnome or kde), or possibly
your window manager if it's a fancy one. Change it to ALT-` (above
TAB on my keyboard) and it'll work a treat.

Is ` above TAB on all keyboards (not dvorak, I guess)? I could
submit a patch for the functionality, but could only test it on
the *nix vncviewer - I haven't compilers for other platforms.

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