Connecting to multiple servers on one network

Michael Milette tng "at"
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 19:59:29 +0000

Hi Nate,

Though I don't personally own one, every article I have read about Netgear 
routers indicate that port forwarding is included as a feature. I don't 
know if this helps but follow the link below to see what the web page for 
the user interface might look like:

You might recognize it or something similar in your routers configuration 
screens. Keep looking and good luck...

                                 Michael Milette
                                 TNG Consulting Inc.

At 02:24 PM 2002-01-25, you wrote:
>I have a small network with several machines running Win2000. I am using a 
>Netgear router as the front end firewall and I route the ports 5800 and 
>5900 to a specific machine running VNC server.
>However, I have several machines running the VNC server and when I am 
>travelling I want to be able to connect to these  machines in my network. 
>Not just one of them.
>I had done this once by forwarding ports 5800/5900 to machine A, 5801/5901 
>to machine B, etc.  This was on a different router. When I changed to the 
>Netgear router, I can't seem to do this any longer. The only one that 
>responds is the machine on 5800/5900. No others respond.
>Any ideas/suggestions?
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