x0rfbserver startup

Andrei Gologan agologan "at" gmx.mis.de
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:03:18 +0000


 I expereienced a litte with the x0rfbserver and I got it running. It works
quite good except for the fact that it uses 100% CPU when a client is
conected and  I don4t know how to start it automatically.

 It will not run as a regular service. I suppose it schould be startet
"inside" the Xserver but I don4t know where to put it. Any help ?
 It should bet started on bootup, since I don4t want to run 3 levels to
start it :-)

 I am using Suse 7.3 and/or  RedHat 7.2 with KDE

 Thank you
 Andrei Gologan
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