winvnc w/xp and mult users

David Rothman drothman "at"
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:54:46 +0000

i'm still not clear why this isn't working for me.

i installed xp-home on a machine which i previously used 98 & vnc on.

there are 5 users on the xp machine.  i installed vnc as the administrator and
it 'works' (meaning i can  load & see that machine remotely from a w2000
machine).  it doesn't load when i log on as one of the sub (limited) users.  i
have tried to install the vnc service as the limited user, but i get the scm
error. i can load it manually and it will work.  i guess i can add it to the
startup folder as opposed to it being called from the registry upon logon, but
i'd rather not.  is there something else i can do? thanks
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