Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel "at"
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 17:12:09 +0000

> From: Daniel Tan [mailto:danieltan "at"]

>         is there any programs available for DOS? just curious, if have,
> think it will help in my job to control and troubleshoot POS machines
> currently still using DOS 6.22

There's (more than one, IIRC) telnetd's for DOS. Here's one:

But I'm not sure it'll run your app - depends on the terminal
emulation & how DOS does curses-style stuff. Assuming, of
course that your app isn't VGA or something. I wouldn't try
and use this across any unsecured network (same goes for telnet
on any platform), but you could have a VPN gateway or something
both ends... dunno - rather you than me!

(you could run the POS app in a DOSemu (
 instance under linux, and use VNC on linux.... but that's probably
 being a bit silly...)

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