Connection refused

W T Meyer meyer "at"
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 16:49:35 +0000

When I try to use screen sharing with VRVS the client machines give the 
message " Connection Refused".

I've tried it on three machines:
    Win NT4 using both Netscape 4.5 and I.E. 5.0
    Win2000 Pro using both Netscape 4.7 and I.E.  5.0
    Linux Red Hat 7.1 using Netscape 4.76

All three machines do the same thing.  The server says it's just fine, but 
the clients can't connect.
There is no firewall and I'm not using proxies.

In a test from another institution, the Win2000 machine was able to connect 
as the client just fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Tom Meyer
Iowa State University
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