SocketThread Failed

Alex Angelopoulos alex "at"
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 21:37:48 +0000

I assume this is only happening when she uses the VNC Java client?  I hope so, because that's what my answer is based on... ;)

Earlier today while verifying something Michael Ossmann posted, I noted that the Java VNC client appears to drop its connection over
port 58xx after serving the Java viewer. I tend to think that the problem is with her Java VM or with the applet getting mangled on
its way to her.

Is she able to use the Windows VNCViewer applet OK? And were you doing your "loopback" using the Java client?

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: Ive look through the archives and it seems that some other people have
: gotten errors similar to this, but not quite the same, so Ill post it
: and see if you guys can give me a hand:
: server:   win2k box running either tightvnc or standard vnc (same error
: happens with both)
: client:  user on a winME box directly linked to RoadRunner cable modem
: (1.5mb down/ 784k up, all ports open)
: she can connect to the server fine but after a few minutes of working
: vnc dumps her out with the message:
: socketThread failed
: she can then reconnect and after a few minutes the same thing happens
: from our internal network we can use any computer to vnc to her box
: (10/100 LAN) And I just vnc'd home (winXP) and then back into her box
: (also using RoadRunner as my ISP) and that works fine
: Any ideas as to what could be generating that message?  Thanks in
: advance,
: Brian Jahns
: Assistant Network Administrator
: Department of Enrollment Services
: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
: (414) 229-4574
: bjahns "at"
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