starting the vncserver - be kind, i've read the FAQs

Bobby Ramirez BobbyR "at"
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 19:52:14 +0000

# ./vncserver :13 -pn -localhost                                                
vncserver: couldn't find "xauth" on your PATH.

Getting the above error when I try to start vnc. I am running the script as "root", on a Solaris 8 server.

This is how the .Xauthority variable looks, in it's unmodified state.

# Global variables.  You may want to configure some of these for your site.     
$geometry = "1024x768";                                                         
$depth = 8;                                                                     
$desktopName = "X";                                                             
$vncClasses = "/usr/local/vnc/classes";                                         
$vncUserDir = "$ENV{HOME}/.vnc";                                                
$xauthorityFile = "$ENV{HOME}/.Xauthority";                                     
the installed path of vnc is /usr/local/vnc, and is in my $PATH.

Shouldn't "$ENV{HOME}/ be looking in / (root) for .Xauthority? I don't know Perl, so I don't understand the systax.

Bobby Ramirez
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