VNC dies and requires reconnection every few minutes (Win NT - AT T Extranet - Cable Modem) mpatient "at"
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:58:31 +0000


When in a VNC viewer session, after a few minutes my viewer cursor detaches
from my host cursor, indicating that I have lost the session.
I am unable to type anything on the host display. My connection appears to
still be on, and I can often start another viewer, type in the password, be
connected, and resume mouseing and typing right where I left off. This
happens frequently during most sessions.

> The host is a PC running Windows NT and VNC is loaded during boot-up.
> The viewer is a PC running Windows NT.
> I am working through a cable modem connected to Time Warner Communications
(Road Runner). 
> I am using AT&T's Extranet security interface.
> I have 2 PCs connected to a Linksys 5-port Workgroup Hub, which is
connected to the TWC Cable Modem

Note: When VNC dies, I am not loosing the AT&T Extranet connection and AT&T
technical support says "it's not them".

??? Do anyone know about this behavior and what might be causing it ???

Mike Patient
Solution Engineer
> *	Email :	mpatient "at"
> *	Phone:		407.805.1558
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