SSH from Windows client to Linux server

Janyne Kizer janyne_kizer "at"
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 02:02:45 +0000

I am trying to SSH from a Windows VNC client machine to a Linux VNC
server machine.  I have the SSH secure shell installed on the Windows
machine and I can SSH to the machine with no problems.  I can VNC to the
Linux server machine with no problems.  Once that was set, I edited the
registry on the Windows client machine to add the DWORD value
AllowLoopback set to 1 to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL\WinVNC3.  Then
I did the following from the Windows command prompt:

ssh2 -L 5901:localhost:5900 -l userid servername
c:\progra~1\orl\vnc\vncviewer localhost:1

Something isn't quite right though, because this allows me to SSH into
the server but does not WinVNC over SSH.  Any pointers would be
Janyne Kizer
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