VNC Service Problems

Glenn Berkshier grb "at"
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 17:49:07 +0000

I have a client with 2 NT4 servers, each with SP6, and VNC 3.3.3r9. They
are both configured identically in VNC (except for display and port
I am having problems with VNC on one of the servers. VNC is configured
to start as a service on both servers. The service starts fine, no error
messages. The troubled server doesn't respond to VNC connections unless
the administrator is logged in to the server. I have that server to
respond on display 2, and if I do a port scan on that server, ports 5802
and 5902 respond. However, if I log off of the machine while connected
to VNC, the connection disappears, and if I do another port scan, only
port 5900 shows up on the server. 
I have set VNC up on countless servers, all the same way, and have never
had this trouble before. 
Any ideas why this would be happening and how I can fix it?
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