Tools like VNC Commander

Scott C. Best sbest "at"
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 08:20:07 +0000

	Hello! Please have a look here:

	Just posted a beta release, version 0.75 of Kaboodle, a
LAN management app with a "personal VPN" capability. It's got
VNC-Commander-like oversight of VNC servers on your LAN, and
includes the auto-detection and icon-support you asked about
(version 0.76 will have 6 more device icons types added).

	I've only been working on this app for about 2 years,
so be gentle with any feedback. :) Eager for any suggestions,
of course.


> Hi,
> Does anyone know a tools like VNC Commander to manage a large number of
> WinVNC Server on a LAN or WAN, and to remote control thos pc ?
> This tool can use the VNCViewer in fact or another viewer to do this remote
> control.
> The purpose here is to see a list of machine netbios names (periodically
> refresh if possible from an inventory and online/offline machines with
> different icon, perhaps) in the same as SMS 2.0, in that way the remote
> administrator could take control without asking the user to speel his
> netbios name ou ip adress (so withour error)
> In fact some inventory tools have gateways with WinVNC to import the list of
> inventoried machine in it, so if anybody know a tools like VNC Commander
> where we can import a list of WinVNC server it 'll be very nice for us and
> very easy to remote control pc.
> Thanks for all,
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