Invalid Protocol

Mike Morrell mike "at"
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:46:18 +0000


  As I thought.  What you are seeing is Xvnc returning an error when it
starts.  Check the settings you entered, looking closely at the inetd or
xinetd settings.  Also check the version of your VNC.  Older versions did
not support launching as an inetd process.
  My best guess at this point is that you have an old version of vnc-
server.  You have redhat so type 'rpm -q vnc-server' and let us know what
version is returned.  If it is not 3.3.3 or higher then go ahead and get
the latest version.  You might as well get it with Tight integrated so use
this link below to download a new vnc-server if you need it.

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