Tools like VNC Commander Jean-Pierre.Verheecke "at"
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:10:55 +0000


Does anyone know a tools like VNC Commander to manage a large number of
WinVNC Server on a LAN or WAN, and to remote control thos pc ?
This tool can use the VNCViewer in fact or another viewer to do this remote
The purpose here is to see a list of machine netbios names (periodically
refresh if possible from an inventory and online/offline machines with
different icon, perhaps) in the same as SMS 2.0, in that way the remote
administrator could take control without asking the user to speel his
netbios name ou ip adress (so withour error)
In fact some inventory tools have gateways with WinVNC to import the list of
inventoried machine in it, so if anybody know a tools like VNC Commander
where we can import a list of WinVNC server it 'll be very nice for us and
very easy to remote control pc.

Thanks for all,

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