Updated. Was Re: Success was Re: VNC Server setup on Linux

Dumas Patrice dumas "at" centre-cired.fr
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:20:35 +0000

> If you know which configuration files each version of each dm uses, let
> us/me know.  It will definitely simplify things.  I started doing it by
> distribution/OS version but it may need to be based on dm/version to
> show what configuration files each uses.  Then each dm/version section

It is possible that you'll end having to base your documentation on the dm
version for the file used, and on the distribution version for the location of
the file.

I can give some information about gdm :

The gdm-2.0beta2-37 uses its own file gdm.conf. It comes with redhat 7.0. In
this distribution and in other 7.x distributions, it is in
/etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf. It is possible that this version of gdm is broken and 
cannot be used with Xvnc, but I may be wrong.

gdm- also uses its own gdm.conf. It works. I don't know where I got it
from, because it doesn't seems to be in the redhat 7.2 nor in rawhide...
It doesn't seems to use the xdm files.

gdm- comes with redhat 7.2. I haven't tested, but I think it should
work and I also think that it doesn't use the xdm files, but I haven't tested.

Hope it helps

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