Error while waiting for server message

Christopher Tesla christophert "at"
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:42:58 +0000

Do you have a static IP address through the cable company?  Since the cable
modems have the external NAT IP set via DHCP by the ISP you may be seeing your
IP address changed.  So you are able to connect, but in between a request by
the viewer and a response from the server the IP address is changing and you
cannot receive the server response.  From what I understand there is a very
small pool of addresses available for a specific user group, so eventually
your original address will be re-leased to you...hence you are able to
re-connect to the server after a period of time.  How long do you have to wait
before you are able to re-connect to the remote PCs?

Just a thought.  I have been trying to document how frequently my ISP changes
my cable modem's address (using AT scheduled IPCONFIG commands piped to a text
document) and it seems to be pretty infrequent.  But who knows...yours may
have a much more brief lease period.

Good luck!

Chris Tesla

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> Subject: Error while waiting for server message
> Hello group!
> I am hoping someone can provide guidance with this problem.
> I have two remote PCs running WinVNC as a service behind a Linksys NAT
> (ports redirected) and a cable modem.  When I try to connect
> to either one,
> it accepts the password and displays the screen as it should.
> However, the connection is somehow lost within a range of 5
> to 15 seconds.
> During this period I am able to control the remote PC.  After
> another 20
> seconds or so VNC Viewer closes.  (TightVNC viewer generates
> a dialog box
> with this message "Error while waiting for server message".)  After a
> certain timeout the remote PC will start accepting
> connections again, but I
> still can't get a connection for longer than 5-15 seconds.
> I can use VNC internally on the LAN without any trouble, so I
> suspect either
> the Linksys firewall or the cable modem.  I don't know how to go about
> testing though. I have other Linksys boxes in place and they
> all work fine.
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Steve
> from Steve Holmes
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