Suggestions on server redirection behind firewall

Lee Brown leebrown "at"
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 22:31:10 +0000

Can somebody point me in the right direction here.

What we are trying to do is to have multiple servers which are behind a
Clients can connect through a proxy/gateway machine and have their vnc
session redirected to on of the servers.  All clients would go to the same
The server to which the connection is physically made should be

I tried the VncProxy java application, but can't get it to run under NT4 at

Is there something else (like a port redirector) I could use?

The idea is for web-demo's.  Say a sales team of 10 people.  A single
web-server connected to the internet.  Port 1000 could be salesman 1, port
1001 salesman 2, etc.

Thanks in advance,
Lee Brown
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