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David Brodbeck DavidB "at"
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 21:40:11 +0000

I found there was a very noticable slowdown when using VNC on a 100baseT
local network if the host and client color depths didn't match.  For
example, if the host was running 8 bpp and the client was running 24 bpp,
scrolling was jerky and laggy; when I bumped the host color depth up to 24
bpp it became smooth.  This was with the server on a Linux machine, and the
client running under Windows NT.

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It might also be worth mentioning that if you are running a number of
sessions, the difference between 8 and 24 bit color depth is noticeable
on the CPU load.  I pop'ed up a single VNC client session with a
and then continuously cat'ed /etc/termcap while running top on the
On a 1 Ghz machine, there was approximately 20% difference in CPU load.
I would guess that for most users 8 bit depth is more than sufficient
and seems to place less strain on the host and network.
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