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David Colliver david.colliver "at"
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:03:53 +0000

I would add that using the method on my site, there is more potential to
lose work. Clicking the X of your window will close VNC. No questions. Also,
if your machine goes to sleep, you will lose it, same as if your network

What I would like to know now is, is there a button or something I can press
that will save everything, like when I press the logout on my KDE panel, but
without logging out. Is there also a way to signal to Linux that I am
closing the remote session?

If someone can explain the gdmconfig on port 177 as mentioned below, I will
happily put that up in my instructions. Unfortunately, with my limited linux
knowledge, I don't understand a word he said.


p.s. The site ( where the instructions are is being
moved to another server within the next few days. If you cannot get access,
then try again a little while later.

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> Hi All,
> Thanks for the help and instructions.  I would like to proudly state
> that we are now running VNC server on two Linux boxes and clients
> on a handful of Linux and Windows boxes (a mix of WinME laptops
> and Win2K desktops).  Some notes for the instructions.
> I don't think RedHat 7.1 was a problem although we had a scheduled
> upgrade to  7.2 so we did that before debugging the problem.
> What we apparently missed on the first computer I was installing
> things on was to run gdmconfig and enable port 177.  This is step
> 3 in the instructions that are online now.  The original computer
> was running gdm.  That was it on this box.
> The second computer was a new AS Labs machine with 7.2 installed
> by them.  It was running kdm and the instructions about kdmrc
> worked perfectly.  It was less than 10 minutes to install and test
> VNC server and client on this machine.
> I used the TightVNC RPMs and Windows client executable.  They worked
> flawlessly.  One person here is very happily pecking away using
> Kdevelop inside his VNC.  I have even run VNC client on the Linux box
> inside another VNC session and that works great.
> I think that if the instructions were more explicit about gdmconfig,
> I would never have had any trouble.
> A minor nit is that the vnc lines for services lose their tabs.  If
> these lines could be placed in a file that could be downloaded with
> tabs intact, it would be even easier.
> I would like to thank everyone for all the help. I for one am
> a very happy camper right now and have added VNC to my list of
> standard things to install to have a nice development environment. :)
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