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Reposting this - I didn't see it pop up and I posted a couple of hours ago-


Barring a quick answer from anyone else -

Export the following two registry keys and send them to the list.   This is where everything VNCish lives on MS-Win32.
REMOVE the password hashes...they can theoretically be decrypted (in fact, I think it's stronger than theoretically).


- and -


NOTE THE DEFAULT on the end of the HKLM key. Essentially the 
WinVNC3 user key 
and the
WinVNC3\DEFAULT machine key 
should be identical.


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: Well, I made the changes on the server, now the entry sits in HKLM and 
: HKCU...but when connecting from one station then from another, the first one 
: gets kicked out...I am connecting from Win95 station...does that make a 
: difference?
: I also did as another person suggested, changed the priority from 2 to 1, 
: that still didn't work.
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