VNC as windows service

Alex Kramarov alex "at"
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:40:48 +0000


I have tried to install VNC as service on a w2k server while being logged in
using terminal services. this proved to be almost impossible due to the
fact, that (is far is a can tell), after you install vnc, you can install it
as service, but when you start the service, it asks for the default settings
(password and so) by popping up a dialog on the main desktop of the system,
and i cannot see it and fill that in because i am loggid in to the terminal
services session, which gives me another desktop.

the only think i was able to do is to copy the registry keys containing
initial settings from another machine with working vnc as service, and
importing it to the w2k machine - this worked.

is there some interface to define the settings for the service before
starting it the first time ?
is there another logical course of action in this case ?

starting vnc interactively doesn't help - it has different set of settings,
stored in another place in the registry.

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