Server2000 login connection problem - help!

3wDesign 3wdesign "at"
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:55:59 +0000

I've installed WinVNC as a Service on a server that I'm setting up.
It is on an ADSL connection w/2 IP addresses assigned to it.

WinVNC works fine if I'm logged onto the server (I can remotely view
and control from another machine with the Viewer).  When I log out
of the server, WinVNC should remain active (since it's installed as a
service), but when I try to re-connect (to send a ctrl-alt-del to log back
into server) I keep getting an error message "unable to connect to
server" using the Viewer.

Somehow logging out of a session shuts down WinVNC & I have no
choice but to manually go back to the server and log in to get remote
access back.

I've installed 3.3.3r9, I've read the FAQs, mailing lists, gone through the
registry settings, and checked Services to see if WinVNC is running as
service or if there's any conflicts.  I've even removed and re-installed
nothing solve the problem yet :(  Can anyone point me towards the solution?

Chris Allen
3wdesign "at"
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