VNC Remote control front end

Alex Angelopoulos alex "at"
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:09:51 +0000

For anyone interested, I have a crude ActiveX-based HTA front end for VNCViewer (as well as pcAnywhere, Windows Terminal Services,
and Citrix Metaframe) available for download from

It's the file You *do* have to manually extract the files and register the DLLs/OCXs with regsvr32 at this point; I
didn't have time to put together a pretty installer.  The main purpose of this is actually to make it simple to connect to an
arbitrary control point quickly (something which is not a problem with VNC, but *is* with the other tools involved). In any case, it
gives an integrated interface for all of the remote control technologies listed.

Note that the ActiveX control for VNC is not listed on the VNC contribs page.  The home page the author (Thong Nguyen) created for
this tool (called VNCX) is:

Note there *is* currently one security issue with this implementation. If someone were able to view the source of the dynamically
created VNC connectoid page, they could potentially read the password used for connecting.

Comments and criticisms are quite welcome; I expect many since this is the first effort of its kind for me.
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