Draft 3 of the RFB 4.0 protocol

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at" greebo.net
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 10:23:07 +0000

(This will be the second last announcement to the main VNC list - if you
want to continue discussions on the VNC protocol, please join the
rfbhackers mailing list by visiting:

After much work today, I've filled in a great deal of detail on
authentication, channels, file transfers etc, and cleaned out the cruft
and self-contradictory statements. The PDF should now work acceptably on
Acrobat 3.x as well. This draft gives an excellent overview of where I
think VNC needs to go, so please if you have a specific wish list,
download the document and have a read. Don't worry - it's still VNC,
just completely orthagonal. 


The next edition will have pretty UML diagrams and more detail on the
core display protocols. 

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