Fastpush update to v3 (beta 2)

Richard Harris rich "at"
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:00:07 +0000

Hi all,

To those of us running WinVNC in NT/2000 environments, the Fastpush remote 
installer script has been updated and you can read the details at:

The new version allows you to set your own permanent flavour of VNC 
(standard, tight, etc), use your own config file (for registry defaults) and it will 
now uninstall WinVNC too. The script also handles non-english installs of 
NT/2000 better than it did before.

I'm considering this a beta release as I've tested on my local systems, but I 
want to iron any bugs that may be lurking there. :-)

Sorry to those people this doesn't apply to and thanks to everyone who sent in 

ps: Did anyone on this list send me a visual basic front end for the installer? If 
so, please get in touch as I've lost your address (DOH!).


email: rich "at"

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