Lets bundle forces

Rudi De Vos rudi.de.vos "at" simac.be
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 12:25:01 +0000

OpenVNC sound good.

The vnc server for X works well and can not be a lot improved.  The
biggest problem is the slow win32 server.
The main goal should be the win32 VNCserver and multi-platform clients.
(more than 80% of the users use vnc that way)

Const's TightVNC  is essential, but the tight version is not a good
starting point.
Andrew's work looks also good.

Encoders should be plug-ins (client and server site).    The same for
authentication and other stuff.
Take a standard VNC (ex AT&T) and modified it to use plug-ins.
So everybody can work on the parts and platforms they know the best,
encoders authentication, ssh,scaling....

The vnc code is big and difficult to understand so it is essential to
split in sub projects.

"Sorry, seems Till Adam wrote almost the same"

The RFB protocol should preview the possibility to add stuff without
recompiling the "standard vncsever"

Comments !

My focus is speeding up winvnc-server

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