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Wayne Throop throopw "at"
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 07:34:18 +0000

: I'm trying to configure two unix machines (Solaris 8) so that I can use
: one of them as a vnc server and the other as a vnc client.
: They both are on a same subnet (no proxy or firewall between).
: I have executed 'vncserver' and provided the password.
: On the vnc client I get following message when I execute 'vncviewer
: <hostname or ip-address>':
: vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused
: Unable to connect to VNC server

I very much doubt that your solaris vncserver gave you
display number zero when it started.

: I've run 'vncserver' both as root and non-root user with the same
: result.  Would appreciate if anybody could come with a suggestion. 

You must realize, that the unix case (solaris, linux, whatever)
works differently than the windows case.  The vncserver on unix
starts a whole new display.  Or, since you ran it several times,
you probably have several virtual desktops being served from
the machine you are using as server.

To find out if any vnc servers are running, use the command

       /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep Xvnc

on the server machine.  That will list the servers running, and
the display they were started on.  For example, the comand line would
start out something like "Xvnc :1" for display 1, "Xvnc :2" for two,
and so on.

Once you know you have a server running, let's say it's on display 3,
you connect to it via

        vncviewer yourserverhostname:3

Again: remember that in the unix case, you can run multiple vncservers
(that is, Xvnc processes) on a single machine, and each one will serve
up its own virtual desktop, and none of them will be the same as the
desktop you get by logging in on the machine's physical console.

Oh, and remember that, for some reason, unix vncserver asks the
password the first time but doesn't start the viewer; once you've
set the password for a given user, the *next* attempt to start
vncserver will actually start one.  Just a peculiarity of the way
the vncserver script was done...

Wayne Throop   throopw "at"
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