Lets bundle forces

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at" greebo.net
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 01:36:25 +0000

My efforts are for *all* of the VNC projects.

It's somewhere for all projects to go, and to be able to leverage the
great stuff many of them have done (scaling, better encoders, etc) and
make it available to all, whilst documenting and normalizing the
protocol, and getting the intractable security problems fixed, whilst
not throwing away code that works today, and works well. And then add
the things that many users have asked for, like local printing, sound,
file transfers, etc. 

Essence du VNC:

* portability
* lightweight
* thick server heavy, thin client 
* interoperability (although with fragmentation, this is starting to be
a problem)

Although I have a derivative on sourceforge called "SecureVNC", think of
this as proto-"VNC 4.0". I am not interested long term in being a VNC
author / maintainer - my focus has always been security. 


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I propose that we either start a new project, get behind TightVNC, or
get behind Andrew's project.  Of all the open projects, Const's TightVNC
is the closest to being what we would like to see right now, but
Andrew's project is the closest to where we would like to be in the

I would very much like to see the creation of a mailing list devoted to
the RFB protocol that is separate from any of the software mailing
lists.  Discussion and eventual standardization of a protocol
specification will be essential to success of a new project, and
Andrew's work is a great place to start.

It might be a good idea to choose a new name and announce the project
and goals.  How about OpenVNC?  Not that the original VNC code isn't
open, but our focus will be on having a very open and active development
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