RFB Protocol

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at" greebo.net
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 23:22:28 +0000

Yes - the protocol document is designed to fully and comprehensively
document all currently used popular extensions (Palm scaling, tight
enconding, gzip stuff, etc) and try to make a simpler protocol that all
servers and clients can use. As I own platforms that are 32 bit LE, 64 bit
LE, and embedded 32 bit BE, and soon will own an iLamp (32 bit BE), with
four different operating systems, you can be assured that I do think very
seriously about compatibility and cross-platform issues.

If everyone looks at the draft, it's made up to be submitted to the IETF for
consideration as a draft. I still think that this would be a good idea as it
will help us make RFB the default remote control protocol for products. And
the IETF generally don't accept protocols/standards that lock people into
one platform.


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> The SecureVNC notes at SourceForge mention targeting both Win32 and POSIX
> In any case, the protocol issues are platform-independent - or should be
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