One more time, StartingVNC at boot in linux

David Colliver david.colliver "at"
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 22:57:06 +0000

Yes thanks.

I will put them all into a text and put them on my site (when I get the
chance. I have loads of other stuff to do for it as well.) That way, I may
even understand what I have just done. ;-)

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Subject: Re: One more time, StartingVNC at boot in linux

> David,
> Glad it works.  It is great to be able to connect and get resolutions
> and color depths that aren't even supported by the hardware.  Most of my
> Linux boxes can only do 1024x768 in 8 bit color mode, so running at
> 1600x1200 at 32 bit color (vnc) is NICE!!
> In your case, if you want to run max resolution with no scrolling, you
> could also consider full screen mode, but you would have to use
> <ALT><TAB> or equivalent to switch back to windows.  The beauty of
> full-screen mode is that the "X" in the upper right is gone, so you
> can't accidentally kill your session (at least it is not as easy).
> You are right, pressing the "x" in Windows is equivalent to
> <CTRL><ALT><BACKSPACE> at the console.  It will nail your session and
> reset the terminal (close the session in the case of VNC).  You'd think
> the windows version could just intercept the message to close the window
> and initiate a clean session shutdown (dependent on the remote O.S.) OR
> at least give you an optional prompt to prevent you from killing
> yourself prematurely.
> So did you get all the files?  There were 4 total.
> Jeff
> >>> david.colliver "at" 01/14/02 02:48PM >>>
> I have it working now, exactly as you have said in your email. It was
> my
> mistake, not reading throroughly. My bin dir is under /usr rather than
> /usr/local.
> I am using RH6.2 using KDE. It is working beautifully. I have even gone
> so
> far as to modiify the resolution settings so that I can fit the whole
> lot on
> my screen without scrolling. (1024x768 on a 1024x768 screen results in
> scrolling, so I have set this to 1000x700, on my laptop, 1400x1050, I
> have
> set this to 1390x990. Works a treat. No scrolling.) The only thing now
> is
> though, if you press the X, it doesn't ask you if you want to logout,
> you
> lose your whole session. Also, the machine reboot doesn't tell you
> either.
> It just kills your session.
> Perhaps a future enhancement would be to detect what OS you are
> connected
> to, then retreive the relevant messages so that work is not lost.
> I also found out why it was going slow on my machine. My firewall seems
> to
> be slowing all the traffic down. I think I will be using Linux for
> quite a
> while now I can use it under Windows. Still a lot to learn though.
> The files that you have sent, with your permission, I would like to do
> an
> article on my site (not a busy site, yet!!!) to let people know how to
> set
> it up on RH. Then when this Q comes up again, I can send people to the
> article.
> Regards.
> Dave Colliver.
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