disabled wallpaper feature

Simon Gray chenks "at" tiscali.co.uk
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 22:43:07 +0000

Many thanks... That did the trick nicely


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     I right click in the right hand pane and select "New DWord Value"
then enter "AllowProperties" to disable the properties function so my
users can't muff up the settings.  Then I repeat and enter
"RemoveWallpaper".  I leave the values for each at zero (00000000).  I
do this under all three Hives.  On the first install it is only under
the Local Machine Hive. After another restart is is in the other two and
when I enter it in the current user hive is appears in the hkey_users
hive automatically.  (I would think that last part should work the other
way around, but thats how it is for me.)  I have had mixed results with
the remove wallpaper entry. The allow properties entry always works.  It
sometimes takes a few restarts until all the registry settings percolate
through to their own respective next incarnations.
     I have decided that I do not care all that much if the remove
wallpaper entry works, what really speeds things up seems to be reducing
the host to 256 colors!
     By the way, This discription is for Win'95.  Other versions should
be very similar.  I just feel my way through it each time I do it.  (I
gotta learn more about the registry.)

Have a Good Day,

Michael L.
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