disabled wallpaper feature

MichaelLashinsky@drugplastics.com MichaelLashinsky "at" drugplastics.com
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:11:12 +0000

     I think you could just remove (or not insert) the 'RemoveWallpaper'
registry entry.  I have been manually inserting them as I install on user's
machines.  However, they SHOULD know when you log onto their machine.  If
they are doing something they shouldn't, you still caught them red-handed
when you logged onto their machine.
     The difference between them knowing and not knowing is like the
difference between walking up to someone's kitchen window and saying
"hello" and hiding below the window sill and eavesdropping.  As a system
administrator, you have a responsibility to be ethical and respectable.
It's practices like that that make MY users suspicious of me even though I
am not doing anything sneaky!
     (A few of my users tell me they send emails to each other that say
things like, "Mike, you're not supposed to be reading my email!"  I never
see them because I DO NOT read their email.  {Read their email, as though I
didn't have enough busy work to do!  LOL!})

Have a Good Day,

Michael L.
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