RFB Protocol

Wayne Throop throopw "at" sheol.org
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 07:32:01 +0000

: Major features of 4.0: [.. (or something) ..]

Sounds very cool... a couple of comments immediately spring to mind.

No scaling?

Are there implementations for sound on linux, unix, and windows?

I hope that the client is able to tell the server the size of
the tile cache, so that "not in cache" replies are kept to a minimum.

I also hope that a client can remain very, very thin,
and ignore things like fonts, windows, strings, and other new
high-level constructs, and just bang out the pixels.

And wrt a client remaining thin, scaling as a server-side thing,
and a way to get server-side downscaling combined (with antialiasing)
combined with client-side upscaling as a compression method...

Wayne Throop   throopw "at" sheol.org
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