winvnc - wallpaper removal on DISCONNECT??

Glenn Mabbutt gmabbutt "at"
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 22:44:47 +0000

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the set of symptoms below.  Keep in
mind I'm getting this description 3rd hand, from someone on the phone
walking someone else through installing VNC, so I'm hoping something got
lost in the translation somewhere.  But, in the interest of entertaining all


Windows 2k Pro systems (3 or 4)
TightVNC 1.2.2 running as an app


Connecting to the PC's works fine, the RemoveWallpaper reg key set to 0, the
background wallpaper can be seen in the remote session.  I've got a custom
setup going, so the connection is actually terminated on the remote side by
double-clicking a shortcut that executes a "winvnc -kill" locally.

However, I'm being told that on some of these systems the wallpaper picture
(pretty sure not Active Desktop, just jpeg's) is getting removed after the
connection terminates, and does not automatically return.

I've tried this myself with a couple of test machines and I'm unable to
reproduce these systems, all works as normal.

Has anyone else experienced this??  Is this even possible??


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