WinVNC Viewer And Permissions Troubles

Adam Mikolajczyk ajm15 "at"
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 21:21:05 +0000

Hi All, I'm fairly new to the world of VNC. I just created an MSI installer 
package for WinVNC and it's been sucessfuly deployed to my WIndows 2000 
domain via active directory group policy assignment. The install worked 
well, and all machines are now running the VNC Server service. I can 
successfully connect to all machines without any problem. However, none of 
those machines can utilize the WinVNC viewer. Clicking on the shortcut, or 
the .EXE file itself produeces about a half-second of loading, then nothing 
happens at all. I've double checked permissions on the shortcut, the .EXE 
file itself, as well as the registry keys, and that doesn't seem to be the 
problem. I'm pretty sure it is permissions related though. I've found that 
if I use the "Run As" command I can execute the VNCViewer.exe as that 
computer's local administrator without any problem. I've searched the 
archives for any hints or tips about this problem and I've been unable to 
find any mention of it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Adam Mikolajczyk
Systems Analyst, MCP
Cornell University
Planning, Design, & Construction
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