very strange speed problem with vnc 332r6 win32

Joerg Riether riether "at"
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 18:09:23 +0000

Hi all,

we use winnt 4.0 sp6a and vnc 332r6. now a really strange
problem which occurs on our network :

If I connect to a vnc server via 2mbit wan connection,
it is fast as hell.

If I use our 100Mbit internal connection it is really slow.

the vnc servers/viewers are ALL the same version and this
problem occurs on serveral machines of several speeds.

Even if I use a P4-1,7Ghz with 1MB ram on both sides,
the same effect : via the 2mbit wan connection ultra-fast
and in our 100mbit network ultra-slow.

I4ve been using vnc from the very beginning on several
platform so please be sure i read all the faqs on the
vnc homepage and all that stuff but I didn4t get any idea.

First I thought sp6a could be the problem, but this don4t
explains why it is such fast via the 2mbit connection.

Anyone got an idea ?

Thank you so much for your support.

Best regards from germany

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