Offspring of VNC?

Michael Milette tng "at"
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 08:43:49 +0000

Over the last few months, I have seen several variations mentioned here on 
the list. Unfortunately I have not been compiling a list for such an 
occasion. Though I am sure there are many more out there, here are some 
just off the top of my head:

At you will find two versions 
of VNC: One that allows you to use IP authentication and another that uses 
NT authentication.

There is also another version that from that authenticates against an 
NT domain.

I am not sure if it is actually a different version of VNC or not but has something called Win2VNC that is 
basically a dual-screen VNC hack for Windows.

Of course we should not forget ZVNC, the ZeBeDee enabled version of VNC 
available from

You can find these and others at or on the "other platforms & 
environments" page at

                                 Michael Milette

At 05:31 PM 2002-01-10, you wrote:
>Other offspring? What are the other spin offs of VNC? We have TightVNC, and
>TridiaVNC. Anything else?
>Andrew Krug, MCP
>IT Manager
>Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
>100 North Pitt Street
>Suite 400
>Alexandria, VA 22314
>E:akrug "at"
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