solaris8 viewer wrapper Scripting puzzle

Shing-Fat Fred Ma fma "at"
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:50:22 +0000


Here's a puzzle I've been ignoring for the last while.  I wrote a
trivial wrapper script "vncv":

     #!/bin/csh -f

     echo ${0}: \$0=_${0}_
     echo ${0}: \$1=_${1}_
     echo ${0}: \$2=_${2}_
     echo ${0}: \$3=_${3}_
     echo ${0}: \$4=_${4}_
     echo ${0}: \$5=_${5}_
     echo ${0}: \$6=_${6}_
     echo ${0}: \$7=_${7}_
     echo ${0}: \$8=_${8}_
     echo ${0}: \$9=_${9}_

     set echo

     vncviewer -owncmap -noshared $*
     vncviewer -owncmap -noshared "$*"
     `echo vncviewer -owncmap -noshared $*`
     `echo vncviewer -owncmap -noshared "$*"`

which I invoke using

     vncv -encodings \"tight copyrect\"

The first two invocations of vncviewer make it through to the vncviewer, which
interprets it as a syntax error.  The last two invocations confuse csh because
of ambiguous variable interprettation.  Could anyone comment on why, or
suggest a way to make it work?  On my system, it appears that the escaped
double quotes have been made to be a permanent part of the argument, though
one would expect them to be done away with after variable expansion.

I realize that all of this is easily avoidable using "alias vncv vncviewer
 -owncmap -noshared".  I'm posting this questions more to dispel
whatever misunderstanding causes the above.


Fred Ma
Department of Electronics
Carleton University, Mackenzie Building
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Ottawa, Ontario
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