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Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:00:19 +0000

Isn't it true that XP has Java removed? Hence, it won't work?

>>> alex "at" bittnet.com 08:11:14 AM 01/10/2002 >>>
It does work a bit faster over low bandwidth connections. 
Interestingly enough, it does seem to also take less memory. I had been
using it to connect to an underpowered NT4SP6a server (P200, 48MB RAM)
and noticed a somewhat peppier response on the LAN even.

My general rule of thumb has been that a standard VNC connection is not
a truly acceptable performer at less than 56k dedicated
bandwidth from server to client and more than about 10 hops away due to
packet dispersion; I don't have any hard figures on the
reduction, but I felt this put it just a little behind a Windows
terminal services connection as far as response goes.

Also, as you may have noted, if you are connecting from a Tight client
or server to a standard server or client, it is still
compatible (althouhg you don't get the speed benefits).  The only issue
I have seen is that I could not get my XP system to talk
Java to a TightVNC server, but that may have been due to something
stuttering client side, too.

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