Shift key problems in v3.3.3

Rhodes, Michael (Ohio) RhodesM "at"
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 03:44:39 +0000

I am having problems with the shift key.  I've seen many postings about an old issue with it in the mailing list but they all seem to suggest that it's no longer a problem.

Two specific things that are happening:
1)  Shift+arrow key won't select text
2)  Shift+PgUp results in the number 9.
There are probably others combinations that don't work, but these are two that I'm focusing on.

I've tried numerous workarounds:
* Pressing and releasing each shift key before trying to use it.
* Turning on and off caps lock before trying to use it
* Trying each shift key with arrow/PgUp
* With caps lock on, trying each shift key with arrow/PgUp
* Running the client in full-screen and also windowed

Note: My Alt and Ctrl keys seem to work okay.

My environment is:
Host: Win2K with VNC 3.3.3 R9
Client: WinME with VNC 3.3.3 R3

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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