VNC on RH Linux stops local programs

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Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:11:01 +0000

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> Well, since you are a self aknowledged "newbie", I will take say this
> first. DON'T run as root.  Really, I promise it is not that hard to run
> as another user and just use the "su" command when you need to install
> or configure something.

I know that much. I am in as root as I am trying to play with other stuff,
like mySQL.

If I login as me (not root), then su, then start vncserver with the KDE,
will I still get the same problem? or will the vnc session be root, which
shouldn't affect me.

> Ok, now that that is out of the way.  Edit the "xstartup" file in the
> "~/.vnc/" directory.  Sounds like you already have a line like "startkde
> &".  Comment this line out by putting a "#" in front of it.  Now below
> the startkde line, add a new line with "exec gnome-session & ".  Kill
> you existing vncserver with "vncserver -kill :1" assuming the existing
> server is running on port 5901.  Start up a new server and you should be
> running gnome.

OK, Kill didn't give me back my control. :-( Going for a reboot.

I will try that for gnome. (I can't get gnome working on my Linux box
though. Hopefully it should work through VNC).
Just tried that. Didn't work. :-(
Probably a corrupt gnome. I just got what looks like TWM. At least it didn't
take my control away.

Any ideas how I can make it so that VNC will autostart with linux, so that
when I connect, I get the login box rather than the current user? This
should get me around the problem I am having.

Also, how can I make my remote screen bigger? My linux machine display is
1280, though what is coming through is about 1024.

> I highly recommend moving to RH 7.2 if possible as this will not only
> fix your KDE problem per another post on this problem, but VNC is
> installed by default. 6 months is a long time in the Linux world and 6.2
> was about 18 months ago. RH 7.2 is amazing.

Let me get my head around 6.2 first. Once I understand more of the way linux
works, then I will start to really customise it.

Thanks for your help so far.

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