Send Keystrokes with VNC

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Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:05:29 +0000

The problem here is that you actually have two different scripting issues, it looks like.

On the one hand, you have the connection to the server via VNC from your client. As soon as you log in to the server, you need to
"find" the error dialog which is not identifiable as any separate object by the VNC client - all it is doing is passing back and
forth a picture and mouse/keyboard location and activity...

Let me see if I understand your objectives.

(1) You don't want to automatically respond to the error locally on the server - you want to ensure it goes through your event
monitoring system.

(2) At the point you are notified by the server of the error, you want to manually initiate a process which will autologon to the
server console and kill the error box.

I would suggest a method using AutoIt or the ActiveX control also, but in a different fashion if you need it to follow this process.
It can be done with raw WSH sendkeys even (I have a couple of examples floating around) but it depends on more precise description
of the above. Other questions...

Do you have any requirements that it be done via vncviewer or the Java console?

Is there an issue with installing any ActiveX controls on the server?

Is the server console always logged off, always logged on, always logged on and locked, or some variation of the above?

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: I tried rfbplaymacro and found it tedious to work with at best. The
: reason I don't want to used something like AutoIt is that our monitoring
: system will alert me when a failure has occured. As this point is when I
: would want to fire off a perl script that could connect to the VNC server
: and hit enter on an error dialog box, which will then allow a failing
: website to run. The last time I brought something like this to the list
: I was told to "throw out such a horrible program". I truly wish it was
: that easy, but getting rid of the offending software is not even an option.
: If anyone has some good examples of rfbplaymacro I would be willing to
: re-investigate it.
: Thanks all,
: Floyd Russell
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: |> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 12:33:08PM -0500, Thompson, Dale W. wrote:
: |> > Check out AutoIt at for a
: |> > program that would make this task almost trivial to set up.
: |> And it's free.
: |>
: |> Excellent!  I've been looking for something like this on Windows.  In
: |> answer to the original question, you could also use rfbplaymacro
: |> (available on freshmeat) if you have a Unix box to run it on.  I've been
: |> using it to script VNC sessions for bandwidth testing and have had
: |> success.
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