Borland's Kylix over VNC

Bob Horton bhorton "at"
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 18:09:02 +0000


I'm trying to use Borland's Kylix compiler/IDE over a VNC connection ... no
I'm not going to use this long term or for full time development but I'm
wanting to show off Kylix on a TV show that I'm a guest
on and I need to bring up my GUI remotely because the studio doesn't have
any Linux boxes!

Anyway, I've got Gnome coming up just fine and I seem to be able to run
applications remotely without a problem (I tried Abiword and Freecell) but I
get an Access violation error when I launch Kylix.  When I launch it on the
console window it seems to run Ok ... although it doesn't seem completely
stable so there might be problems with my install in other ways.

I really need to get this working as soon as possible as the TV show is
tonight and I only have a couple hours to get this working!


Bob Horton

Bob Horton
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