Newbie Problem

NiteFlame niteflame "at"
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 18:06:03 +0000


While searching for a remote solution that runs under Windows XP I've
found VNC. Well, the service isn't running, but the application itself
does pretty good. Now the problem:

I can access the server when using a local adress from another machine
within my lan, but I can't access it from the internet. I've already
bypassed my firewall and have set up my software router to forward the
ports 5800 - 5802 to the vnc server but it doesn't seem to be enough,
because I get the logon screen in the browser but then I receive a time
out message.

Are there any other ports required by vnc? I'd be very glad if anyone
has an idea what could be wrong.

Thank you in advance,
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