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>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill "at"> writes:

Joel> Hi,
Joel> I want to use VNC as an alternative to PC Xterminal software
Joel> to access our GNU/Linux box.  I would like to use XDM to login
Joel> and get a fresh desktop like using XDM/Xterm would.  I would
Joel> really appreciate some advice on getting this setup.  I managed
Joel> to connect to vnc from my client so I think that much works
Joel> in a "regular" fashion.  Now I want to move on to xdm/vnc to
Joel> more properly support multiple users.

Joel> If this is not a good setup, please let me know.  I have seen
Joel> comments which lead me to wonder if this is really a good mode
Joel> to use VNC in.

Joel> FYI the host I am trying first is RedHat 7.x and uses xinetd.
Joel> I am on a local network behind a firewall so do not have to use ssh.

Joel> Any advice would be appreciated.

You could probably use VNC to do this just fine, and a search of the mailing
list archives should turn up a number of instructions and suggestions for
hooking Xvnc in with xinetd and xdm, but as alternate choice you could also
look at installing the freely available Cygwin environment:


and the port of XFree86 to that environment, which (according to the User's
Guide) can be used for logging into a remote XDMCP server:

I've never had a need to do anything like this as I work pretty much
exclusively in Solaris and Linux, but if I did this would be the first thing
I'd try.  I suspect that the performance will be a little better than VNC in
the environment you describe and I'll bet it'll be rather similar the current
PC XTerminal setup you're currently using.  Plus then you get the added bonus
of some nice unix tools being available locally under that other OS.

Hope this helps,

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