VNC using KDE on RH6.2

David Colliver david.colliver "at"
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 11:17:35 +0000


Thanks for your help getting my VNC working on my RH Linux.

Please bear with me, I am a newbie on Linux, though very strong on Windows. (I
can't get the gnome desktop working, though that is another matter completely,
if anyone would private mail me about that, it would be appreciated.)

I have modified the xstartup in my .vnc folder to use kde instead of twm. My
linux machine is on an old P150. I am connected locally via a 10mbit ethernet.
Unfortunately, the display is coming through rather slow. I read somewhere
that it could be because of 256 colours. I have a screen res of 1280x1024

As I understand, VNC uses a different session, therefore different screen
device. I am viewing VNC on a P111 750 laptop, with 1400x1050 screen. The
dimensions coming over look like 1024x768. Is this correct. in my xstartup,
the geometry is 80+24+10+10. Can I modify this to change the display? What
about the colour depth? Would gnome be faster?

I think the machine is perfectly fast enough to deliver the desktop, my
network is plenty fast enough (the machine itself exhibits no slowdown), but
this seems incredibly slow. If this is normal, I can't understand anyone even
contemplating using it over a modem.

I would also like to be able to autostart VNC and make it available to other
machines on my lan. The current way it is setup, I login as root, start
vncserver, then connections from my lan will be started as root. (Not good).
Am I able to autostart it on boot up of my machine and make say, 5 or 10
connections available, so that each connection will then get their own login
box when they connect.

I have VNC for linux 3.3.3r2 and 3.3.3r9 for win32.

Your help is appreciated.

David Colliver.
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